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As far back as the ancient Sumerians, crystals have been used for their healing abilities. While today’s science can’t always explain precisely why or how crystals work, those who have experienced healing after being treated with crystals can’t deny that there are real affects that can improve the mental, emotional, and even physical health.

Everything is Energy
To understand why and how crystals can heal the body, mind, or spirit, the first thing that you must do is begin thinking of everything in terms of energy. Our bodies are made of energy. Our thoughts are created by energy, moving through the neurons in our brains. Everything that we feel, sense, and experience is a form of energy. And because energy moves, that means that it can be both in harmony and not in harmony.

Energy in Harmony
The way that energy moves means that it is constantly interacting with other energy. The energy from one part of our body interacts with the energy of another part; our bodies interact with the energy of the world around us; and so on. If this energy is interacting in harmony, then we are balanced and feel healthy and at ease. If there is an imbalance, and energy is not in harmony, then we feel unhealthy. Those who use crystals in healing believe that nature is always striving towards a state of harmony, and will heal itself if it can.

This is where crystals come in. Certain crystals radiate specific energy that can help bring an imbalance of energy back into harmony. Simply by being physically near the crystal, the vibrations, or energy, of the crystal will do wonders for any part of our body, mind, or spirit that is imbalanced.

Crystals and Their Uses
There are many different crystals, and those who use them for healing often choose them based on very personal reasons and needs. No one’s crystal collection will look the same; however, here are some of the most commonly used crystals and what they can be used to heal:

  • Rose Quartz: A hard pink gemstone, rose quartz has a very calming, gentle type of energy. It is often considered a stone of love, and is used to promote a sense of nurturing, compassionate energy.
  • Aventurine: Usually green in color, this type of quartz can improve vitality of any sort. If your health, finances, love life, confidence, or friendships need a boost of vitality, this is one of the most common stones to use.
  • Amethyst: Another quartz, this crystal comes in all colors; it is most commonly seen in a shade of purple. This stone is considered to have a very purifying energy, helping to relieve toxic energies. It is commonly used to heal the body and mind of addictions.
  • Tourmaline: This multi-hued crystal can be harder to find, but it is considered to have grounding energy. If you feel the need to protect your mind from anxiety or other negative emotions, this crystal can be carried for protection.
  • Citrine: A bright and positive crystal that comes in beautiful yellow or orange colors, this gemstone is often used to imbue a person with a happy outlook and an optimistic energy.
  • Jade: Jade is frequently used to treat PTSD, but it also great for enhancing feelings of generosity. This hard stone comes in shades of green that range from light blue-green to a deep, intense green.

How to Apply Crystals
Once the right crystal has been chosen for the particular issue, the next step is how the crystal is used. Many people simply carry the crystal with them, in their pocket, or as part of their jewelry. Healing crystals can be as small as a fingertip, or very large, depending on personal choice and the severity of the issue.

Others choose to place crystals in their home or working space. Crystals meant to reduce anxiety and induce calm can be placed in a bedroom to help with sleeping disorders, for example. Crystals meant to improve positivity and energy levels may be placed on an office desk to make the work day a little easier to get through.

Others may apply crystals to the chakras, or the specific zones of the body that align with the issue that they are attempting to treat. If their problem revolves around their relationships and emotions, they may choose to wear a rose quartz pendant near their heart chakra, for example.

By allowing these crystals to replace the energy of a space with their own specific energies, a person can heal themselves of a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.

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